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Since the Local Government Elections in 2014 the Dagenham & Rainham Labour Party has been gradually changing and growing. We do things a little different here – it’s an old politics, but it is a politics that works. This is a blog site dedicated to everything Dagenham & Rainham – it will include articles from members, local campaigns and narratives on major party events.

Who’s who in the local party?

Member of Parliament: Jon Cruddas

CLP Secretary: Cllr Margaret Mullane

CLP Chair: Andrew Achilleos

CLP Vice Chair: Fay Hough

CLP Junior Vice Chair: Mohammed Dulal Mia

CLP Campaign Organiser: Andrew Achilleos

CLP Treasurer: Cllr Eileen Keller

CLP Women’s Officer: Nichola Goodman

CLP Youth Officer: Princess Bright

TULO Officer: Trevor McKeever

LGBTQ+ Officer: Christina Freeman

The constituency boarders two local authorities – Barking & Dagenham and Havering. As a whole the constituency is made up of nine wards; six in Dagenham and three in Havering, each ward is presided over by three councillors. In the six Dagenham wards residents are represented by 18 Labour councillors whereas Havering is represented by a combination of Residents Associations and UKIP.

Wards from north to south: Chadwell Heath, Whalebone, Heath, Eastbrook, Village, River, Elm Park, South Hornchurch, Rainham & Wennington.

Labour Action Teams in Dagenham and Rainham:

Chadwell Heath: Cllr Sade Bright, Mohammed Khan, Simon Perry

Whalebone: Andrew Achilleos, Glenda Paddle, Cllr John White

Heath: Olawale Martins, Cllr Dave Miles, Ingrid Robinson

Eastbrook: Princess Bright, Cllr Mick McCarthy, Cllr Tony Ramsay

Village: Cllr Margaret Mullane, Cllr Lee Waker, Cllr Phil Waker

River: Cllr Peter Chand, Cllr Eileen Keller, Donna Lumsden

Elm Park: 

South Hornchurch: Trevor McKeever, Colin Nickless, Pat Brown

Rainham and Wennington: Fay Hough, Kim Arrowsmith, Chris Freeman

You can find contact details for your local councillors via the LBBD website.


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