Case study – young people in politics

Politics is a topic which many young people are not very involved in and somewhat avoid, I believe that the lack of subjects that are related to politics is having a major impact on the young generation. At my age, many people are not aware of the various actions and achievements of Parties and the benefits that the public are receiving due to the actions of politicians.

Politics surrounds our modern society and therefore awareness of the subject is hugely important. I think that political parties can reach out to more people in education by making politics a viable option for GCSE, alongside the current subjects such as Business & Economics and Design & Technology, this allows an interest in politics to be forged at an early age which could result in more of the population becoming more aware of the ongoing actions of politicians. It would also be beneficial for party leaders to visit secondary schools during their campaigns as, although we cannot vote yet at this age, knowledge and understanding of the subject may influence our future actions and career choices.

Overall, I believe that for a subject that is so relevant to our current events and society, there is a lack of understanding from secondary school students pre-A-Level. This could change very quickly if parties targeted the younger generation a bit more throughout their campaigns to raise awareness, this would be beneficial for the students and the party as it would improve the knowledge that students currently have on politics and the issues around which it surrounds.

Name: Bobby Zhu

Age: 16

From: Chelmsford

Hobbies: Sports-orientated (Basketball, Swimming etc.)

Future Ambitions: I hope to continue my studies at KEGS for sixth form and study Law at university after completing my A-Levels in two years’ time.


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